Your Complete Fundraising Package

Modern Nonprofit Website
Customizable Donation Pages
Donor Targeting Platform

We will build your nonprofit website, launch your donor targeting program, and set up a donation page to display and collect donations for all of your fundraising projects!


Collect money for all your projects with a custom Donation page designed by HowToFund.

  • Display all your fundraisers in on your own donor page, integrated into your website.
  • Upload pictures, set timelines, track donor information.
  • Secure transaction processing with Stripe.
  • Automated email receipts. 


Find the right donors at the right time with your own DonorSearch account. 

  • Access to the nation's largest donor database (US).
  • Download up to 500 donor contacts to begin. 
  • Create targeting lists based on past donation activity, among other metrics.


Tell your story on a website designed by a Wix expert.

  • Built with nonprofit best practices in mind.
  • Desktop and mobile layout compatibility.
  • SEO Optimized.
  • Features: built-in blog, social media, and more.

The Power of HowToFund!

Our fundraising software turns your existing website into a powerful crowdfunding page. This platform works best when combined with a comprehensive donor targeting strategy, but we also offer it as a standalone product. Check out our pricing page to learn more!

Display All Fundraisers In One Online Location

Upload pictures, set timelines and goal amounts

Collect donations online

Track donor information

Share projects on social media

Automated e-mail receipts

Our HowToFund Donation Pages

For Nonprofits

Want to showcase all your fundraisers, year-round? Do donors want to see where their funds will be applied?

With HowToFund, you can post all of your projects in one location, set timelines and goal amounts, automate the receipt process. 


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